Standard Vegetable Box

Standard Vegetable Box

£ 15.99

Short Description

Box Contents Include:

750g Onions

1kg Carrots

1kg New Season Potatoes

1pk Spinach

1 Bunch Spring Onions

500g Vine Tomatoes

1 Sweetcorn

1pk Large Free Range Eggs

400g Courgettes

1 Savoy/Primo/Pointed Cabbage

300g Parsnips

1 Cauliflower

1pk Cooked Beetroot

1 Jumbo Garlic

1 Iceburg/Cos/Littlegem Lettuce

This medium veg box contains a good verity of seasonal hand picked vegetables for the best satisfaction possible. With essentials to many recipes, this box is ideal for anyone looking for an easy purchase, hassle free with a great selection.


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