Great service and product!

The new delivery service is the reason I write this today. The last few weeks ordering from here have been great! Always the best picked and boxed and delivered in great condition. Would recommend this to anyone who loves fruit and veg like I do.

Nathan Lynch

Only the best fruits for my smoothies

Lovely store with great vibe, the staff are very helpful and patient, best part is the quality of the products available for purchase. Only the best fruits for my smoothies.

Piers Tang

Always great and friendly and the produce is tasty and fresh

I always get my fruit and veg from DF because the service is always great and friendly and the produce is tasty and fresh.

Chelsea Reid

All the products are fresh daily

I’ve been getting all my fruit and veg from district fruiters. All the products are fresh daily and I will fully recommend to shop there.

Nik Berisha

Great prices and convenient delivery option

Fresh fruit and veg everyday.. Great prices and convenient delivery option.

Alicja Luambano

Fresh fruit, good quality

Fresh fruit, good quality and would highly recommend it.

Silva Berisha

Excellent fresh fruit!

Excellent product! Fresh and fast delivery, great customer service.

Clive Castillo

So much fresher than supermarket rubbish!

I was extremely pleased with my order during the week. I placed my order via this website & was contacted to arrange a time that suited me.
My produce was super fresh and the taste was wonderful, much better than any supermarket that don’t taste of anything.
Will definitely be ordering again!

Debbie More


Couldn’t ask for a better service to be honest. Obviously its worrying ordering from an unknown website for the first time, but i will most definitely be placing many orders in the near future.
Thanks again.

Simon Jones

First box

First box -looks lovely . Delivered in plenty of time to prep for lunch !
Will definitely be ordering again
Thank you

Theresa Patrick

Loving the freshness and quality of my third order

The fruit and veg are really fresh and keep well so that I only need a weekly order. Previously supermarket veg had only lasted a few days.
It’s great having it delivered and trusting that the quality will be first class.

Theresa Patrick

Couldn’t be easier

Very easy customer experience, free next day delivery and good quality fruit and veg for not really that much more than a supermarket . Also excellent communication. Thank you

Nicki Francis

5 Star Service!

I’ve had numerous boxes delivered over the last couple of months now and the whole service has been great. Great tasting, fresh produce, delivered right to my door! 5 star service from Chris and the team and I would definitely recommend!

Leanne Vicary

Best Fruit We’ve Had In Ages!

Had my first delivery yesterday, really delighted, all fruit so fresh and tasty, the family all agree its the best fruit we’ve had in ages. The customer service from Chris was great, nothing too much trouble. Definitely won’t bother buying from anywhere else again. Thank you so much.

Cherilyn Cloke

What more can you need!!

Great service!!! With great fresh produce at very good prices!!!! Very convenient! Free next day delivery! What more can you need!!

Chris Richardson

Order from here pretty much every week

Order from here pretty much every week, good quality fruit and veg that the whole family enjoy a good selection too 🙂

Grace Flynn

My first Delivery

Wow got my first delivery On Wednesday truly was gorgeous fruits done a order on Wednesday about 2pm and the fruit was at my door at 7pm same day that what I call service 5⭐️ Great value for money
Will definitely do it again next wk many thanks

Sue Chadwick


I am very happy with service provided and with my purchase as well. The fruit and veg were exceptional quality and very fresh.
Would highly recommend to everyone. Definitely will be coming back.


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